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The Cape Fertility has access to the EmbryoScope™

What is the EmbryoScope™?

In standard IVF the embryos are removed from the incubator every second day so embryologists can make sure they’re growing as they should be. The EmbryoScope™ is an IVF incubator with a built-in camera for automated imaging of the oocytes in a closed incubation environment from fertilisation until the time of the embryo transfer. It is a system that is an incubator, a microscope with an integrated camera and advanced software at the same time.

The EmbryoScope™ time-lapse system provides superior image quality, thereby allowing the embryologist to visually follow the development of the embryos. In this way, the embryologist can distinguish and choose between normal developing embryos with good implantation potential and development patterns with a risk of implantation failure.

The system has been used in more than 50,000 treatments worldwide and has been reported to improve pregnancy rates and reduce the rate of miscarriage.

Today, more than 275 instruments are installed at IVF clinics worldwide.

The EmbryoScope™ can be used for all patients undergoing assisted reproduction treatment, although the chances of an improvement in the results are better for patients who generate more embryos because there is a better possibility for selection. This can have been shown by the statistics of our egg donation program in 2016. The EmbryoScope gave a 10% higher clinical pregnancy rate and 10% higher blastocyst rate (good embryos) than the standard incubator.

What are your benefits as a patient?

  1. It improves embryo selection by allowing the embryologist to see exactly when cell divisions occur.
  2. It improves embryo culture conditions and reduces handling of the embryo as it offers the chance to describe the morphological characteristics of embryos without the need for removing them from the incubator. This reduces the stress experienced by the embryo, which can result in better embryos and higher pregnancy rates.
  3. It gives the parents-to-be more information about the embryo and provides a film record of the medical beginning of their future baby’s life.

What are the costs and availability?

The EmbryoScope™ is available at an additional fee. Cape Fertility has two EmbryoScopes and up to 12 patients can be accommodated at the same time. It can be booked through your IVF co-ordinator or doctor.