Technology Innovations in IVF

Enabling Us to Deliver Superior Service

Cape Fertility is continuously investing in new high quality technology.

We have access to many technologies that are not available in standard IVF clinics and therefore we can offer superior service.

EmbryoSope ™

The EmbryoScope(tm) time-lapse system provides superior image quality, thereby allowing the embryologist to visually follow the development of the embryos. In this way, the embryologist can distinguish and choose between normal developing embryos with good implantation potential and development patterns with a risk of implantation failure. (more…)

Laser Assisted Biopsy

Laser-assisted biopsy is used to facilitate removal of cells from an embryo for pre-implantation genetic screening (PGS). This allowas us to offer high quality PGS and PGD. (more…)

Sperm Class Analyzer(r) CASA System

In 2017 we acquired an automated sperm analyzer. This system for semen analysis allows accurate, repetitive and automatic assessment of sperm parameters. This means that sperm samples are assessed more accurately by a computer.