List Fertility Counsellors

Off- site Counselling Services


Name: Hargovan, Daksha
Discipline: Clinical Psychologist

Name: Chipps, Penny
Discipline: Clinical Psychologist

Name: Janneke, Jade
Discipline: Registered Counsellor

Additional Counsellors/ Coach

Name: Batchelor, Lydia
Discipline: Clinical Psychologist
Name: Freed, Jeanne
Discipline: Social Worker
Name: Dean, Lynette
Discipline: Counselling Psychologist
Name: Dunsby, Amanda
Discipline: Fertility Coach
Name: Rubin, Tanya
Discipline: Social Worker
Name: Rodrigues, Mandy
Discipline: Clinical Psychologist

General Infertility Counselling Includes: Implications counselling for individuals and couples considering donor gametes/embryos; supportive counselling for those going through treatment and therapeutic counselling if the patient has a mental health condition like anxiety/depression and so forth. The latter would not be referred to the coach and only to the psychologists, registered counsellor and social worker.