Feedback from Some of Our Valued Patients


My Gift of Life

As I sat in the sterile hospital room, surrounded by the soft hum of medical equipment, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of purpose wash over me. Being a second-time egg donor wasn’t just about the injections and tests; it was about something far greater – it was about the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others.

With each needle prick and doctor’s appointment, I held onto the thought of the family who would receive my eggs. Their longing for a child fuelled my determination, pushing me through the physical discomfort and emotional strain. This time, the experience felt even more profound, almost spiritual.

After my egg retrieval procedure, as I slowly regained consciousness, the first thing I did was sit up straight and close my eyes in silent prayer. I prayed for the family who would soon receive the gift of life from me. I prayed for their journey towards parenthood to be smooth, their pregnancy to be successful, and their baby to be born healthy and happy – a beacon of joy filling the gaps in their hearts.

My heart ached for those who longed for children but faced barriers beyond their control. It was for them, for this beautiful family who had chosen me to be their donor, that I embarked on this journey once again.

With each egg I donated, I knew that a part of me would live on, woven into the fabric of their future child. And as I reflected on the significance of my contribution, I couldn’t help but feel humbled and grateful for the opportunity to play a small but meaningful role in creating a family’s happiness.

Dear Dawn

I want to thank you for your support during this process. I was very nervous at first but you took your time to explain the process and answer my many questions and concerns and by so doing removed a lot of the stress and anxiety I had around the process. I really appreciate your kindness and availability throughout this process.

Dear Dawn, We had a great experience throughout the donor selection process. Keep up with your receptive approach and your expeditious way to deliver a suitable donor.

I wrote to Cape Fertility Clinic in Cape Town, South Africa. Less than 24 hours later, I received a response. One of the doctors, not a nurse or a receptionist, wrote back to me, right away.

Dr. Heylen is Belgian. The clinic uses European protocols, perhaps a bit ahead of the US. The cost of IVF at Cape Fertility Clinic was half that of a US clinic—including travel, renting a car and staying in a private cottage in Cape Town for a month…